Monday, April 13, 2015


Recently I read an article about how to look like money. 

1. Look neat and clean. Messy never equals money.

2. Look ladylike, wear a pearl necklace or a simple stud earring.

3. Wear a nice perfume. Your scent will linger as you walk by.

4. Wear a statement necklace. It'll take jeans and a T-shirt to the next level.

5. Never wear fake fur. You're not fooling anyone.

6. Wear a monochrome color. All black, all grey and especially all white/cream.

Guess which one stood out to me? Number 6! Which prompted me to make this skirt.

The skater skirt process is always the same. Mark your hem line, cut out the waist line and cut a separate piece of fabric for the waistband. Not shown, but I added a lining, it was too see through.

Cream always rises to the top!

Skirt: thrifted fabric Unique $3.99
Shirt: Kate Hill - thrifted Unique $4.99
Shoes: BCBG Girls - thrifted Unique $2.99

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