Saturday, April 11, 2015


Okay, it looks like skater skirts are my specialty.  They are so easy to make.  Another good thing about skater skirts is, if you are lacking in the "booty" area, these skirt make you look like
"Baby Got Back!!"

Once again I folded the fabric two times with the folds on the left and top. Used my twine and chalk to make the rounded edge.  

I had about 6 yards of green plaid fabric that looks like material for bed sheets. I used this material to practice on. And before ruining good fabric, I made a practice skater skirt with it. The waistline was too small, so I cut this fabric using the cut piece as a guide, but cut it a little wider.  If you're guessing and not using a real pattern, ALWAYS,  I repeat, ALWAYS, cut small, try it on and then cut again if it doesn't fit.

Not shown, but I cut another piece of fabric to make the waistband. Here's the finished product. did I do?

Guess what? The waistband was too big. So I cut it straight down the back and put in a zipper.

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