Wednesday, June 17, 2015


During my many visits to Unique, I picked up some black satin fabric,
 and knew immediately, I wanted to make a skirt.  I wanted something fancy though, 
so I thought why not pleats? Wait, I don't know how to make pleats.
You Tube here I come.

Shout out to MadebySimstatic for the tutorial on making pleats: 
 Place a pin four inches to the right, another pin 2 inches and a third pin another 2 inches.

 Fold the third pin back behind to the first pin and pin that together. 
After the fold, repeat the steps, place a pin 2 inches to the right and another
 pin 2 inches, but this time, fold the 2nd pin to the front and pin that together. 

After tedious pinning, I sewed across the top hem.

I didn't have enough fabric, so I made a flat front.
Sewed the seams, added a zipper on the side and hemmed it.

Stuntin' @work

Shirt: Faded Glory
Shoes: Merona
Bag: Celine

1st floor please!

Sunnies: A.C. Moore (go figure)
Necklace: Walmart

Let's take it outside.

All Photos: dbass

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  1. Since being Karen's photographer for sometime I can say that she is very precise on where she likes to take pictures. I enjoy taking photos of Karen:)