Monday, June 22, 2015


Kimonos are so versatile. They can be worn during every season. Kimonos dress up the plainest of outfits. They're also a great transitional accessory.

Spring: Throw on one when the air is still a little crisp. 

Summer:  On hot days, slip on a sheer kimono.

Autumn: Start adding layers with a textured kimono. 

Winter:  Throw on a knit kimono to stay cozy.

I lucked up on this sheer fabric at Unique and knew it would make a great kimono.
This has to be the easiest sewing project ever. I held it up to me 
to see how long I want it to fall and laid it out and cut.

Next, while still folded in half, I measured down 22 1/2 inches and pinned it for the arm holes.

Then, simply cut straight down the middle of one side. (Make sure you don't cut both sides.)

Before sewing the front opening, I used tape instead of pins.
Epic Fail: The tape was so hard to get off and made the sheer unravel.
(I fixed it with a zigzag stitch)

I used a zigzag stitch to sew the seams under the arm holes.
(a regular stitch will rip and come undone)

Courtesy:  dbass

Necklace: Forever 21
Belt:  Michael Kors

Sunnies: Ray Ban

Bag: Nila Anthony
Shoes:  Chinese Laundry

Instagram: @violettog

Instagram:  @violettog

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