Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Whenever I go to Unique, my first stop is the fabric section.  Material can be expensive, so I stock up every time I go.  My first inclination is to look for fabric with prints, but on this day, this cappuccino colored fabric caught my eye. I knew it would make the perfect versatile skirt for the Spring/Summer season. It was only $3.99 and it was 25% off Thursday, so it only cost $3.00.

The process is always the same. I used my chalk and twine as a protractor 
to mark the hem line. Cut the waist line and hem line.

Cut a 4 inch waist band and pinned it to the skirt.

After attaching the waistband, I decided to put in a zipper.
Marked where it will end, cut straight down, pinned and sewed on the zipper.

I made this skirt prior to learning the tape technique.

Working on sewing straighter


I felt like a Cappuccino Mocha Mami.

Chocolate with a little cream and foamed milk on top!

Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory        Skirt: Fabric $3.00 (thrifted)
Shoes: Chinese Laundry  $14.75 (thrifted)   Belt: Unique $3.99  Watch: Tory Burch  Brooch: Chanel 

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