Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Kimonos are my new "go to" piece. A tank top and jeans are easily taken to the next level. Add a bold statement necklace and you're set. That's exactly what I did with this project.

I picked up this tribal/ethnic print at Unique and wasn't sure what to make.
To be completely honest, this kimono was supposed to be a dress.
I cut it wrong and it was too small. Hey, when life give
you lemons, make lemonade!

I used a wide sleeved dress as my pattern.

Took my yardstick to slant the bottom.

Cut straight down the middle of one side,
Sewed the arms and sides together.

To make a neat hem, I folded the edges twice and used tape instead of pins.
(p.s. it took a while to remove the little pieces of tape)

 Easy Breezy!

Tank: Target
Jeggings:  Walmart
Bracelets/Necklace:  Aliexpress

Instagram: @violettog

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