Saturday, May 2, 2015


ME:  KITCHY! for a $1000 Alex.

ALEX:  3 1/2 yards of fabric + time + effort =

ME:  New Kitchen Curtains, oops I mean; What is NEW KITCHEN CURTAINS?

A little shout out to Alex Trebek.  

Back to regularly scheduled programming. I visited Hobby Lobby and picked up this 
printed fabric.  It was $9.99 per yard, but I had a 40% off coupon, so it was about $17.50 total.

I took down my old curtains that I previously made and used it as a pattern.
Very simply, I just traced it, but remembered to leave 1 inch for seam allowance.

I folded the material 1 inch on the top and both sides. 
For the bottom, I folded 3 inches and then ironed all the sides.   

The curtain rod has to go through the top, so I sewed both sides first 
and then folded the top over, Lastly, sewed the bottom.

Initially, I used an old curtain as a pattern, but to make sure both
panels are the same, I used the one I just made as my new pattern,

Repeated the same process for the valance. 
But this time, folded the top over 3 inches and the bottom 1 inch.

To create a ruffled top, sew the hem and then sew again in the middle of the fabric.

Slide the curtain rod between the two stitched lines.

Repeated the same process for a short curtain over my back door.

Repeated the same process for a short curtain over my kitchen sink.


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